Peter's Gallery of gay cartoons

Publishers: Gay&Night Magazine, Out media, Carlos Michael Padilla, Publisher, Fitlads Magazine UK, BEAR OMNIMEDIA, Starbooks Press, The Rainbow Times News, COCzinnen, Stichting Rotterdam Verkeert, Jong & HiB publicaties,,, Echelon Magazine,, Andersblad,,, Lmag(azine), Huriyahmag, Outwords magazine,, Wufmag

Copyrights: All rights of the cartoons below belong to Peter Welleman, the creator.
Legal Notice: This artwork may be used for publication on internet if permission is granted by creator. Any other use, multiplication or print publication of artwork from this portfolio is a violation of the copyright laws and therefore not allowed.

You can buy online, just copy a cartoon and pay with PayPal. Price: 10,- Euro (excl VAT) per cartoon and online publication only. (For 300dpi version or copyrights for print publications, contact me: or tel:+31-619431070)

For more general satire:


actionhero ahmadinejad AidsLoad ambitious asleep
actionhero.jpg ahmadinejad.jpg AidsLoad.jpg ambitious.jpg asleep.jpg
aussiebum badsex bang bedsecret blowdoll
aussiebum.jpg badsex.jpg bang.jpg bedsecret.jpg blowdoll.jpg
bodylanguage boring boundries boyfriend breakup
bodylanguage.jpg boring.jpg boundries.jpg boyfriend.jpg breakup.jpg
brokenhart check circumcised cleanbutt clouds
brokenhart.jpg check.jpg circumcised.jpg cleanbutt.jpg clouds.jpg
cocks dance dangerkiss dangerswim danny
cocks.jpg dance.jpg dangerkiss.jpg dangerswim.jpg danny.jpg
date deepthroat deodorant dicksize dildo
date.jpg deepthroat.jpg deodorant.jpg dicksize.jpg dildo.jpg
distraction eenhoorn error escape exgay
distraction.jpg eenhoorn.jpg error.jpg escape.jpg exgay.jpg
explodingdildo fab fetching fight fitlad
explodingdildo.jpg fab.jpg fetching.jpg fight.jpg fitlad.jpg
flagburn gaycatch gayguide gaymap gayparade
flagburn.jpg gaycatch.jpg gayguide.jpg gaymap.jpg gayparade.jpg
gayreligion gays gaysheep gaysurfing gloryhole
gayreligion.jpg gays.jpg gaysheep.jpg gaysurfing.jpg gloryhole.jpg
glove groupsex happyshower HIVpanic homely
glove.jpg groupsex.jpg happyshower.jpg HIVpanic.jpg homely.jpg
homo homophobic horny immoral kick
homo.jpg homophobic.jpg horny.jpg immoral.jpg kick.jpg
kinky koffieverkeerd kusje loveholidays lovers
kinky.jpg koffieverkeerd.jpg kusje.jpg loveholidays.jpg lovers.jpg
lube lucija lustandlove marriage McCain
lube.jpg lucija.jpg lustandlove.jpg marriage.jpg McCain.jpg
moskmessage mugabe muslimqueer narcissus neonazi
moskmessage.jpg mugabe.jpg muslimqueer.jpg narcissus.jpg neonazi.jpg
Palin perverts pheromones photobooth pinkdino
Palin.jpg perverts.jpg pheromones.jpg photobooth.jpg pinkdino.jpg
players playitstraight pluged plusormin poledancer
players.jpg playitstraight.jpg pluged.jpg plusormin.jpg poledancer.jpg
policeguy poppers porn poten problem
policeguy.jpg poppers.jpg porn.jpg poten.jpg problem.jpg
protection rejection religion reprogram romanticcouple
protection.jpg rejection.jpg religion.jpg reprogram.jpg romanticcouple.jpg
rugby run seduction sexpile sillyqueers
rugby.jpg run.jpg seduction.jpg sexpile.jpg sillyqueers.jpg
slave sniffing spinning stress sucker
slave.jpg sniffing.jpg spinning.jpg stress.jpg sucker.jpg
superman supermansex teeth teethbrush threesome
superman.jpg supermansex.jpg teeth.jpg teethbrush.jpg threesome.jpg
trio triosex verbal violence volleybal
trio.jpg triosex.jpg verbal.jpg violence.jpg volleybal.jpg


gay refusal

gay poster   gay poster